Since 1971, Cal-American and its affiliates have invested in and managed commercial and residential properties throughout California. Today, we manage twenty-five neighborhood shopping centers, apartment communities, and office and industrial buildings within California and in Kirkland, Washington.

Headquartered in Westwood, California, Cal-American has an outstanding team of professionals in the fields of real estate, marketing, property management, and leasing, which has concentrated its talents on these properties. With its well-diversified portfolio, Cal-American has the capabilities to meet most of your objectives. If you are looking for leasing, property management, an ideal suite for your first business, or fifteen locations for your chain, Cal-American can provide you with many benefits.

Our website is periodically updated so be sure to visit us again for new information regarding the properties we manage and the services we provide.

Mission Statement

We commit to fulfilling the investment objectives of our investors, to optimizing the growth of profit, and to providing an environment that encourages learning and the professional growth and happiness of all.

The goal is to be outstanding in the field of asset and property management, and we realize that only through continued innovation in service and management will we remain competitive and growing. To meet our goal, we pledge the following:

  1. We will move each property towards its highest and best use
  2. We will maintain each property quickly and economically
  3. We will develop a long-term plan of preventative maintenance
  4. We will treat owners, tenants, vendors and co-workers with respect and courtesy
  5. We will fully screen applicants to ensure employment of responsible tenants and personnel who can grow and contribute ideas
  6. We will employ sound business principles
  7. We will make decisions with the same care as we use in our personal affairs
  8. We will provide accurate and timely reporting
  9. We will optimize each lease and maintain accurate, well-documented files
  10. We will continuously look for opportunities and ways to maximize income, minimize expense and have fun

We recognize the value of honesty and integrity in all phases of business and personal relationships. We will conduct ourselves in the most professional and ethical manner.

People are our most important resource. Fair and honest relationships with tenants, vendors, investors and co-workers are the key to our success. All are important participants in our efforts and success.

Our continued success is dependent upon keeping these commitments.